1997 Cemetery Committee Report.


†† During the 1996 Ariail Family Reunion, a proposal was made and accepted that committee be established to look into, repair and submit proposals at future Family Reunion meetings for the upgrading of deteriorating grave sites. This Committee presently consists of Jim & Lorraine Patterson and Olen Ariail.


†† A proposal was also presented and accepted by the Reunion Association that the committee take action to put an acceptable stone on John Harvey and Chloe Climelia Ives Ariailís grave site in the Pickens Cemetery, Slabtown South Carolina. Their graves were marked only by field stones with their initials for identification. The proposed stone was under contract for $600.00 and a donation of $237.00 was collected during the reunion meeting.


†† The Committee is very proud to report the following activity that has been or is in the process of being completed on the following grave sites. This report is being submitted in writing with the invitation to the 1997 Reunion to keep down the time needed to report during the actual Reunion.


1.        John Harvey and Chloe Climelia Ives Ariail grave site has been beautifully renovated at a cost of $600.00. The only data missing on the stone is the date of birth of Chloe Ives. We now believe she was born in Sept. 1778. It is believed she was baptized on Sept. 20, 1778.


2.        Luke Ives and Nancy Lesley Ariailís grave site has been secured with coping and marble chips over plastic. The stones cleaned and secured. It should be noted that their graves were previously located in an access road in the Westview Cemetery in Easley, S.C. with the city equipment running over Lukeís grave each time they accessed the area. This project also was at a cost of $600.00. Luke Ives Ariail is the son of John Harvey and Chloe Climelia Ives Ariail and a brother to William Harrison Ariail.


3.        Reginald Stanley Ariail, son of William Hamilton Ariail, at Kings Chapel in Ware Shoals, S.C. The stone was replaced at a cost of $238.50.


4.        Frances Lucille Nicholson, wife of Oscar Lee Ariail, at Wilsonís Methodist Church, Maysville, Ga. Olen Ariail and Jim Patterson did the leg work on this one and placed a very nice stone on her grave for the total cost of $200.00. Lucille had been resting there since 1937 with no marker.


5.        Guy Otis Ariail, son of Oscar Lee Ariail, at Wilsonís Methodist Church, Maysville, Ga. A project is underway as of this writing to place a stone on his unmarked grave. With a self-help project, the cost will be $250.00 and it is hoped that the project will be completed before the Family Reunion.


6.        Elizabeth ďLizzieĒ Henderson Ariail, wife of Guy Otis Ariail, at Wilsonís Methodist Church, Maysville, Ga. Project is also underway as of this writing to place a stone on her unmarked grave. Again, with self-help, this can be completed at a cost of $250.00, and hopefully will be completed before the reunion.


†† There are other needs that we hope to be able to accomplish with the necessary donations for unmarked graves. Some of them are as follows:

1.        Joseph Dallas Ariail, killed July 28, 1980. Buried in an unmarked grave in potters field in Chester, S.C.

2.        Frances Ariail, died Feb 27, 1931. Buried in an unmarked grave at Earls Grove Baptist Church, Fair Play, S.C.

3.        Guynell Ariail, died May 11, 1932. Buried in an unmarked grave at Earls Grove Baptist Church, Fair Play, S.C.

4.        John Alvin Ariail, died Jan 14, 1903, believed to be buried in Ariail plot at Rose Hill Cemetery, Piedmont, S.C. Unmarked Grave.

5.        Mary Ethel Brown Ariail, died Jul 6, 1905, believed to be buried in Ariail plot at Rose Hill Cemetery, Piedmont, S.C. Unmarked grave.

6.        William Oscar Ariail, died Jan 22, 1943, buried in Baxter Memorial Gardens, Newberry, S.C. Unmarked grave.

7.        Lenora Brown Ariail, died Aug 19, 1936, buried in Baxter Memorial Gardens, Newberry, S.C. Unmarked grave.

†† As you can see, we have accomplished much, with much more to be done. Many of the family members are excited about the steps the Ariail Family Reunion Association has taken to make sure that the graves of our ancestors are not forgotten. A wise man once said, ĎIf we loose sight of whence we came, we shall surely loose sight of where we are destined.í


†† To give an account of the monies received and expended, the following is submitted.

††††† Total cost of markers:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $2,138.50.

††††† Total received at Family Reunion:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $†† 237.00.

††††† Total money owed: None


†† Note: Some family members, upon learning of the project, sent donations (some covered entire cost of project), to ensure that their family members had markers. Other family members dug deep into their pockets to fill in the gaps between monies received and expended for certain projects. I have an accounting of all monies received, with names of contributors, but do not believe it would be appropriate to publish the list here. Any individual wanting to see this list of contributors should contact LtCol. Doyce Ariail, President of the Reunion Association, and we will be happy to arrange for them to see the list of donors.


†† As a project for this coming year, there are two suggestions to be placed upon the table for consideration: 1). A stone for William Harrison and Mary Barr Ariail, buried at Nails Creek Baptist Church, Homer, Ga. and 2). A stone for the graves of The Rev. John Harvey and Perthenia Blassingame Ariailís grave in the Ariail Cemetery, Easley, S.C. Both grave sites are badly deteriorated and in need of stone replacement.


†† Should money come in during the year earmarked for a specific project, we will take the necessary steps to complete the work during the year as we did during the past year.


†† We wish to sincerely thank all who so generously gave during the past year and hope to make it a goal during the next five years to clean or replace stones as necessary so that all the communities involved will know that we do truly honor our ancestors. If it is your desire, come prepared to give during the Reunion Meeting so that we will have an idea of what can be accomplished with the funds received. If you cannot give at this time and wish to make a commitment, please give us your name, address, and phone number so we can keep in touch with you at a later date. It should be remembered that the collection taken at the reunion for the cost of conducting the reunion is completely separate from the cemetery donations. All contributions for the cemetery fund should be deposited in the appropriate vehicle.


†† Again, thank you so much. I have met some truly great family members during this past year.


Committee: Olen Ariail†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jim Patterson†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††Lorraine Patterson