1998 Cemetery/historical report


   During the 1997 Ariail Family Reunion, a proposal was made and accepted that the Cemetery Committee take action to put an acceptable stone on William Harrison Ariail and Mary Adelaide Barr Ariails grave site at Nails Creek Baptist Church, adjacent to where the Ariail Reunion holds its meetings. It was decided that the old stones should be left in place and a new stone be erected between the two old stones. The old stones were aligned and cleaned the best we4 could without professional help.

   A collection was taken and $569.00 was received during the reunion to accomplish this project. A stone has been erected with two foot markers labeled ‘William’ and “Mary’ at the grave site. A total of $638.00 was expended on this project. The remainder of the cost has been satisfied through private donations from other family members, some not even closely related, to accomplish this one project in addition to the ones listed below. The $569.00 is up appreciably from the $237.00 received at the Reunion the first year the project was proposed. Hopefully, everyone will come prepared to give this year and maybe we can accomplish even more in the coming year. We have several projects that are still pending and we would like to continue this effort in the future. We thank all those who gave so very very much, it means a lot to many members of the family.

   The opportunities we accomplished this year, in addition to the above major project, were as follows:

  1. Frances Ariail, d. Feb 27, 1931, Earls Grove Baptist Church, Fair Play, S.C., placed stone on unmarked grave at a cost of $75.00.
  2. Guynell Ariail, d. May 11, 1932, Earls Grove Baptist Church, Fair Play, S.C., placed stone on unmarked grave at a cost of $75.00.
  3. Flora Ariail, d. Aug 7, 1839, Town Cemetery, Stockbridge, Mass., placed stone on unmarked grave at a cost of $150.00. This stone required a foundation below frost line for stability. Flora Ariail was daughter of Luke Ariail of Connecticut.
  4. Abigail Manna Ariail, d. May 30, 1846, Town Cemetery, Stockbridge, Mass., placed stone on unmarked grave at a cost of $150.00. Foundation also required. Abigail Manna Ariail was daughter of Luke Ariail of Connecticut.
  5. Mary Warnock Barr, d. Aug 31, 1849, Pickens Cemetery, Slabtown, S.C. This is a grandmother to all Ariails in the line of William Harrison Ariail and Mary Adelaide Barr Ariail. She was Mary Adelaide Barrs’ mother and was resting in an unmarked grave in the Pickens Cemetery. The entire cost of this project $265.00, was generously donated by our cousin from Littleton, Colorado. Her ancestors were the Barr family and she has contributed much to our research efforts in that area.

   A total of $1503.00 was spent to mark graves during the last year. From all sources, a total of $1339.00 was donated by different family members. Total money owed: None. Total money on hand: None.

   Note: As with last year, some family members, upon learning of the project, sent donations (some covered entire cost of projects), to ensure that their family members had markers. We have had one member, so moved and impressed by our efforts, that has given an unbelievable amount of money to cover cost of some projects. For that we will be forever grateful to her for her kindness and consideration. As with last year, I have an accounting for all monies received, with names of contributors, but do not feel it would be appropriate to publish the list here. Any individual wanting to see this list of contributors should contact LtCol. Doyce Ariail, President of the Reunion Association, and we will be happy to arrange for you to see the list of donors.

   As a project for this coming year, there are two suggestions to be placed upon the table for consideration: (1) A stone for the graves of The Rev. John Harvey Ariail and Perthenia Blassingame Ariails’ grave in the Ariail Cemetery, Easley, S.C. Both grave sites are badly deteriorated and in need of stone replacement. (2) A stone for John Alvin Ariail and his wife Mary Brown Ariail. They died in 1903 and 1905 respectively and are resting, to the best of our ability to determine, in unmarked graves in the Ariail Burial Plot in Rose Hill Cemetery, Piedmont, S.C. There are 8 members of the Ariail Family in this grave plot and the graves of John Alvin and Mary Brown Ariail would make 10. Should Martha Field Ariail, the first wife of John Alvin Ariail also be buried there, and she probably is, that would make 11 Ariail family members in this plot in Piedmont.

   There are also other needs to be met should additional money be available, or should family members make specific donations These are as follows:

  1. Joseph Dallas Ariail, killed July 28, 1980. Buried in an unmarked grave in Potters field in Chester, S.C.
  2. William Oscar Ariail, died Jan 22, 1943, buried in Baxter Memorial gardens, Newberry, S.C. Unmarked grave.
  3. Lenora Brown Ariail, died Aug 19, 1936, buried in Baxter Memorial Gardens, Newberry, S.C. Unmarked grave.
  4. Luke Ariail, d. May 17, 1842, unmarked grave in Bellamy Cemetery, Bethlehem, Connecticut.
  5. Manna Goodwin Ariail, d. Jun 21, 1856, unmarked grave. Town Cemetery, Stockbridge, Mass.

   Donations earmarked for specific projects will be handled on a case by case basis.

   We again sincerely thank those who so very generously gave. We are still shooting for a 5-year goal to at least place stones on all the known unmarked graves so that our ancestors resting places will not be forgotten, at least for the foreseeable future. By doing this we demonstrate to all members of the communities where our loved ones rest that we do truly respect their contributions to the family and that we also honor their memories. If it is your desire to help, please come prepared to give generously during the Reunion Meeting so that we can accomplish the goals that we have set. If you cannot give at the Reunion time and wish to make a commitment, give us your name, address, and phone number so we can keep in touch with you at a later date. It should be remembered that the collection taken at the reunion for the cost of conducting the Reunion is completely separate from the Cemetery donations. All contributions for the cemetery fund should be deposited in the appropriate collection vehicle.

   Again, the entire Cemetery Committee, as well as all Family members, thank you so much. We continue to meet and make lasting friends for the family for the efforts that have been made.



                                Lorraine Patterson, Secretary

                                James Patterson, Chairman

                                Trenton Patterson, Member

                                Keith Ariail, Member


Historical Report

   We have learned so many things about the Ariail Family that it is almost unbelieveable!!! The Irish Connection, so often mentioned by members of the family, actually came through a man by name of Andrew Warnock and his wife Mark Harvick. They are the grandparents of Mary Adelaide Barr Ariail and they came from Ireland. The entire area around Cornelia, Clarkesville, etc, etc, is saturated with cousins of the Ariails through the brothers and sisters of Mary Adelaide Barr Ariail that lived in that area. James Barr, the grandfather of Mary Adelaide Barr Ariail may actually be buried on the farm on which Kermit Ariail now lives---no documentation, but he lived close to a branch of Nails Creek long before William Harrison Ariail came over from South Carolina. But most importantly, we may have actually found, almost by accident, where the first John Ariail, who lived, married and died in Connecticut, came from. If we are correct, then we have the Ariail line all the way back to a Michael Ariail who was born in France in 1630. Come and join us at the Reunion, you will never forget the fellowship, peace and harmony that exists among our family members. I love and respect you all, and again, my research will be available for all to look at if they so desire. Also, this year, the original Ariail Family Bible, dating back to the first Ariail ever born in the United States, will be opened, under glass in a enclosed case, for all to view.

   Although I do not desire, at this time, to tell exactly where the records pertaining to the first John Ariail are located, I would like for you all to know that we now know exactly where to look for more information to document what we have found and now believe or theorize. I will say that we know exactly where he came from, who his father and mother were, and where he came to, and several other facts about him and his extended family. These are records recovered from a Catholic Church and the Ariail family Bible that you will be able to see at the Reunion is a Catholic Bible. I will be available to explain anything that we know and believe during the Family Reunion. I will say that the name Ariail has always been spelled Ariail, and because of what we have found, we now do not believe he was a Huguenot.

   We have been able to check out theories about his Huguenot connections with several agencies, including the National Huguenot Society of the United States and Canada, and the family name Ariail does not appear. Also, being a Catholic would automatically exclude him from the Huguenot movement. Additionally, the Huguenot movement occurred long before the records we have discovered place John Ariail as coming across the ‘oceans blue’.

   Lorraine and I made a trip to Ireland, land of the ancestors of the Patterson, Barr and Warnock families. It was a most enjoyable occasion and I would encourage anyone wanting to see that part of the world to go. In our historical files is now a book dedicated to Ireland and it has many pictures of the land from which many of our ancestors came. This book will be available for viewing at the Family Reunion. This fall we are going to England, Scotland and Wales, just for enjoyment, and we expect to find nothing there pertaining to the family. And, if the Lord tarries, we hope to make two more trips within the next two years, geared specifically toward further research. One will be to France, as we now know exactly the town John Ariail came from and the other one will be to an unspecified location within North American to a place where John Ariail lived after first coming to this continent.

   May God bless you all and hope to see you at the reunion.


                                James Patterson, Historian