2001 Cemetery Committee Report


Dear Ariail Family Members,


   During the 2000 Ariail Family Reunion, support was again renewed for the Familys efforts to upgrade and restore some of the Ariail grave sites. The projects that were proposed are as follows: (1) upgrade the grave sites of John Milton Ariail, his wife Narcissus Hendrix Ariail, and their son William Harrison (Billy) Ariail and (2) carve the name, date of birth and date of death on the tomb of Manna Rich Ariail in the Firemans Cyprus Grove Cemetery in New Orleans, La.

   The two obligations were handled in the following manner. Family member, Peggie Marie Ariail Bridges, approved the upgrade of the grave sites of John Milton Ariail and his family with the total cost being $1,340.00. The grave site was expanded to include all three family members buried there and new coping was placed around the graves, the stones were cleaned and reset, soil was placed around the lower portion of the plots to secure their integrity and new chipped rock was placed over the entire grave plot and also around the graves to cover the new soil to help preclude erosion. The second project, that of Manna Rich Ariail, has not yet been completed. We have run into legal problems with the Committee in charge of that cemetery and much time and effort has been expended to get approval for the completion of the carving of the tomb, however, we have just this date obtained permission to proceed. Further problems persist with this project and coordination with Mr. Julius Ariail will be conducted prior to proceeding any further. The money that was donated for this purpose will be held until a determination is made as how to proceed and a report will be made at the Reunion in 2002 as to the final determination of work for this grave site.

   At the Reunion in 2000, a collection was taken and $351.00 was received to accomplish the projects mentioned above. The remainder of the cost has been satisfied through private donations from other family members and a carry over of $218.89 from the previous year. Again it is hoped everyone will come prepared to give generously so we can continue to accomplish work in the cemeteries and complete our work within the next few years. We still have several projects to accomplish and we are finding more untended grave sites as we locate where family members are buried. We wish to thank those who participated so very much as the work being accomplished means so very much to many members of our family.

   This year, due to the rising cost of accomplishing grave site work, we were only able to accomplish one major project with our funds. In addition to the major project we proposed at the Reunion, the following project was undertaken by consent of private donation.

   1. Placing military marker on grave site of Lemuel Lawrence Ariail at Nails Creek Baptist Church. This family member died during the Civil War. Total cost for base and placement, $100.00.

   2. Cleaning Patterson family cemetery, no cost.

   A total of $1,440.00 was spent to accomplish grave work last year. From all sources, a total of $1,221.81 was donated by different family members. Total money owed: None. Total money on hand: $100.00.

Note: As with previous years, some family members donated money for a partial or complete project. This exemplary action on their part must be commended and it is hoped that others will become compelled to assist in a like manner. Again, I have an accounting for all monies received and expended, with names of contributors, but do not feel it would be appropriate to publish the list here. Any individual wanting to see this list of contributors should contact LtCol Doyce Ariail, President of the Reunion Association, and we will be happy to arrange for you to see the list of donors.


   As a project for this coming year, there are two suggestions to be placed upon the table for consideration:

(1) Make a final determination and complete work on grave of Manna Rich Ariail in Firemans Cyprus Grove Cemetery, New Orleans, La. Estimated cost $300.00.

(2) Place markers on unmarked graves in Bellamy cemetery, Bethlehem, Connecticut. Family members are: Luke Ariail, d. May 17, 1842, Charles Prentice Ariail, b. 1827, d. Nov 10, 1829 and Eliza Alice Ariail, b. Jul 28, 1802 and died about 1832. There are three graves in this family plot, but only one marked by the WPA records. Luke and Eliza never had a stone place on their graves. Lukes' wife moved to Stockbridge, Mass., after  Luke died and she is buried in Stockbridge cemetery with other family. Estimated cost of this project $800.00.

   There are also other need to be met should additonal money be available, or should family members make specific donations. There are as follows:

1. Manna Goodwin Ariail, d. Jun 21, 1856, unmarked grave, Town Cemetery, Stockbridge, Mass. Grave not yet identified.

2. Marker for Robert Francis (Bobby) Kinard, b. Sep 29, 1919, d. Apr 17, 1921. Buried in family plot of The Rev. William Hamilton Ariail at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Florence, S.C.

3. Marker for Ralph Styron, son of Lillie Beatrice Ariail, at Piedmont, S.C. Need birth/death data from bible held by Styron family.

4. Replace unreadable/very old markers for grandchildren of Climelia Abigail Ariail at Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church.

5. Placement of stone for Katherine Ariail, daughter of John Alvin Ariail. She is buried in New Jersey in a paupers grave. The state nursing home took all her money and she left no family.

Note: I realize some of these names do not mean much to many who attend the Ariail Reunion, however, they mean a great deal to a large portion of the Ariail Family. The Cemetery Committee is attempting to do this work for the entire Ariail family across the entire United States.


   We are again amazed at the response to our efforts and sincerely thank those who so very generously gave. If you desire to help this year, please come prepared to give generously during the Reunion Meeting so that we can continue to accomplish the goals that we have set. If you cannot give at the Reunion and wish to make a commitment. give us your name, address, and phone number so we can keep in touch with you at a later date. It should be remembered that the collection taken at the reunion for the cost of conducting the Reunion is completely separate from the Cemetery donations. All contributions for the cemetery fund should be deposited in the appropriate collection vehicle. Again, the entire Cemetery Committee, as well as all Family members, thank you so much. We continue to meet and make lasting friends for the family from the efforts that have been made.


Committee: Lorraine Patterson, Secretary. James Patterson, Chairman, Trenton Patterson & Keith Ariail, members.



2001 Historical Report


   Last year at the reunion, it was our honor to have with us members of our family from both France and Canada. Annie Ariail, Fabrice Ariail, Karine Ariail and her husband Cedric were present from France and Mary-Alice Arial was present from Canada. Ariail Aurelie from France will most likely attend one of our gatherings in the future and well as Denise Viau from Canada.

   Our research was back into form this past year and we made great strides in learning about the origin of the Ariail Family. Unless some documentation not yet uncovered proves to the contrary, we are now almost absolutely certain that our ancestor was named Jean Baptiste Mathias Ariail, b. Feb 5, 1735, and he came to Massachusetts and Connecticut from Canada. Space will not allow me to detail our documentation here, but we have documentation back from the 1700's that will pinpoint within 30 days of the time of his hasty departure from Canada and even describes why he had to make such a hasty departure. We now know who all his children were in Canada, 8 in all, and we have so far documented in excess of a thousand of his descendents.

   Again, as with last year, we have some surprises for those who attend the Reunion. We have located some descendents of Jean Ariail who migrated into the Chicago Illinois area. They still live there today and, if nothing happens, they are planning on attending the Reunion this year. The ladys name is "Lollie" (descended from Jean Baptiste Mathias Ariail, i.e., known to us as John Ariail) and she and her brothers and families are eager to meet and associate with their cousins from the lower part of the U.S. This lady is a joy to talk with over the phone and we are looking forward to meeting her and her family, hopefully this coming July at the Reunion.

   Lorraine and I made a trip to Quebec last August. It was during this trip and we uncovered some legal documents that led to further investigation. We sent an index of these legal cases to our contacts in Quebec and they retrieved the original documents and sent them to us. About half of these documents have been translated and they tell the whole story about the life of Jean Baptiste Ariail in Canada.

   In addition, Lorraine and I are going back to Quebec in June of 2001 to further explore the area where our ancient grandfather lived and where his descendents made their mark in the wilderness of what was then their ancient homeland. Then in August, we are going back to France to visit with the cousins who so graciously came to see us last year.

   We will bring many documents with us to the Reunion and anyone not having time to view them at the gathering may come to my home and continue to look at the information as long as they wish. Here are some things you will see at the Reunion this year.

   1. Jean Baptiste Mathias Ariail and Hannah Rich's bible listing the birth of their children in Connecticut

   2. Translations of the legal documents that reflect why John Ariail left Canada.

   3. When John Ariails wife, Marie Louise Allard, died in Canada.

   4. How the stories told by William Smith Ariail and Flora Brantley tie in with John Ariails life in Canada.

   5. This year we have the documents reflecting the exact reason Jean Ariail left Canada.

   6. We have documents with Jean Ariails signature on them. This proves he was educated.

   7. Inventories of all the belongings of Jean Baptiste Ariail and Marie Louise Allard in Canada.

   8. We now know the exact village where Jean Ariail was born in France. We are planning on visiting the village in August when we are in Europe.

   9. We will also show you, documented, three of the ways the Ariail name is now spelled in North America, i.e., Ariail-Arial-Ariel. They are all from the same ancestor, the spelling was changed for various reasons, but we are all still cousins. By Jean Baptiste Mathias Ariails' signature, on multiple documents, the family name was originally spelled Ariail, however, our family name is no different from other family names, it changes in different locations over a period of time.

   We encourage all, who possibly can, to attend the reunion this year. We never know when God will call us home, regardless of our health or age. As I stated last year -- come sup with us and we will sup with you -- our lives will be richer for the friendships and associations that we make.

   In anticipation of some coming from the far reaches of our continent, I would again encourage those living near to bring a little extra food so those coming from far away will not be burdened with finding food in a store to buy and bring. The Days Inn in Toccoa, Ga., is a reasonable and basically clean facility to stay in if overnight lodging is required.

   We continue to meet newly discovered cousins all the time. Throughout the United States and Canada, we are meeting our Arial cousins, and we have just discovered we have Ariel cousins. What a privelege to meet and associate with family that we never knew before. You can have this same experience, we have laid the groundwork for you, come to the Reunion and fellowship with your family. The blessings you received will well be worth the effort.

   I am out of space for this years report. If anyone needs any information or help in any way in coordinating their coming to the Reunion, or any questions pertaining to the family, please give me a call. My phone number is 1-706-886-5669. May God bless you all richly this year.



                                James W. Patterson


                                Son of Lillie Blanche Ariail