2004 Cemetery Historical Report


†† We were gratified by the amount of support received to enhance the work of the Cemetery Committee during the 2003 Ariail Family Reunion. A total of $562.00 was received during the reunion gathering with an additional $50.00 coming from the Canadian Family members. This totaled $612.00 for the year and will greatly assist in accomplishing improvements and stone placements where needed.

†† We wish to thank everyone so very much, especially our Canadian cousins for helping us to preserve the final resting place of our ancestors. We certainly hope some of them can be with us this year --- it would be a great honor to have them come to our gathering.

†† Again and again, people from the United States, Canada and France have expressed their amazement as to how much as a family we care for each other because, in part, of the work being accomplished by our committees. Even the President of the United States was invited to our gathering this year but could not come due to scheduling commitments. He did, however, send his best wishes to the family.

†† It makes no difference whether anyone is poor and can only donate one dollar or whether you can donate thousands of dollars, everyone continually proves just what a wonderful family we have proven ourselves to be. Members who cannot attend the Reunion have encouraged us by phone and mail to continue with our Historical and Cemetery Committee efforts. Both our Canadian and French cousins keep in touch with us on a regular basis via letter and e-mail and we let them know of our accomplishments and the status of our family members.

†† We are again carrying over the project of the Manna Rich Ariail plot in Louisiana. No agreement has been reached with the cemetery staff of the Firemanís Cyprus Grove Cemetery #1. We have, however, contacted John Ariail and his sister Meredite Ariail, descendants of Manna Rich Ariail, and they are currently in the process of determining what would be the proper approach in preserving the resting place of this most important and colorful member of our family. I recommend that the $1,500.00 earmarked for this project be held for another year to allow time for either upgrading or preserving the gravesite.

†† The obligations for last year were as follows: (1) Manna Rich Ariail grave in Louisiana, still pending. (2) Replace unreadable/very old markers for grandchildren of Climelia Abigail Ariail at Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church, Easley, S.C. Also upgrade entire cemetery plot. Project completed. Total cost: $1,500.00. Picture on poster board of plot at reunion. (3) Thomas Hamilton Boggs, husband of Kate Archer Ariail, buried in Old Liberty Cemetery, Liberty, S.C. Project completed. Total cost: $250.00.

†† There will be $1,867.90 left in the account going into the next year and will be used for future stone improvements/placements or grave retention costs. $1,500.00 of this amount is already designated for the grave of Manna Rich Ariail. This leaves a total of $367.90 for new projects proposed below.

†† We will again this year make a trip to the northeast, at no cost to the Reunion Association, and visit the graves of as many of the Ariail family members as possible. Any graves not in good condition or unmarked will be reported in future yearly reports. Our travels will take us to Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine.

†† A total of $1,750.00 was spent to accomplish grave work last year. From all sources, Reunion collection and private donations, a total of $612.00 was donated by different family members. Total money owed: None. Total money on hand $1,867.90. Should any family member know of a grave that needs upgrading and wishes to make a contribution to complete the project, we will add such a grave to the work to be accomplished and do the legwork for them.

†† Again, I have an accounting for all monies received and expended, with names of contributors, but do not feel it would be appropriate to publish the list here. Any individual wanting to see this list of contributors should contact Doyce Ariail, President of the Reunion Association, and we will be happy to arrange for you to see the list of donors.

†† As projects for this coming year, there is one already approved project pending. It is the grave of Manna Rich Ariail in New Orleans. Every effort will be made to get the work accomplished this year with the assistance of John and Meredith Ariail in Louisiana.

†† With limited funds, we will recommend only two new projects for the coming year:

(1)     Upgrade grave of children of Claude Ariail, Nails Creek Cemetery. Uncle Felton Ariail expressed a desire that this be accomplished before he passed away.

(2)     Marker for Robert Francis (Bobby) Kinard, b. Sep 29, 1919, d. Apr 17, 1921. Buried in family Plot of The Rev. William Hamilton Ariail at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Florence, S.C.

†† There are also other needs to be met should additional money be available, or should family members make specific donations. These are as follows:

(1)     Manna Goodwin Ariail, d. Jun 21, 1856, unmarked grave, Town Cemetery, Stockbridge, Mass. Grave not yet identified. He is son of Manna Rich Ariail from Louisiana. It is believed he was either taken to Massachusetts for medical assistance or died while visiting relatives there. Recovered newspaper article from the mid 1800ís confirms death in Stockbridge.

(2)     Marker for Ralph Styron, son of Littlie Beatrice Ariail, at Piedmont, S.C. Need birth/death data from the bible held by Styron family.

†† I realize that most people do not recognize some of these family membersí as they are not part of our immediate family, however, they mean so much to those of our cousins to whose family they belong. We must keep in mind that the Cemetery Committee is attempting to do this work for the entire Ariail family across the entire United States.

†† We again thank you so much for your response to our efforts and sincerely thank those who so very generously gave. If you desire to help this year, please come prepared to give during the Reunion Meeting so that we can continue to accomplish the goals that we have set. If you cannot give at the Reunion and wish to make a commitment, give us your name, address, and phone number so we can keep in touch with you at a later date. It should be remembered that the collection taken at the reunion for the cost of conducting the Reunion is completely separate from the Cemetery donations. All contributions for the cemetery fund should be deposited in the appropriate collection vehicle. Again, the entire Cemetery Committee as well as all Family members, desire to thank you so very much. We continue to meet and make lasting friends for the family from the efforts that have been made.

Committee: Lorraine Patterson, Secretary, James Patterson, Chairman, Trenton Patterson & Keith Ariail, members.


Historical report.


†† Just when we think that we have perhaps recovered as much data as we will ever find, the floodgates open and we are amazed at the additional information that we are able to obtain.

†† There are so many things to talk about that we hardly know where to start, but we will have to take them one at a time and explain as best we can in the limited space available in our annual reports.

†† The first item will be that of Lucy Ariail. Lucy Ariail was the daughter of John Ariail and Hannah Rich and was born in Connecticut on Aug 27, 1781. She married Samuel Dunham on Feb 4, 1798 and was the mother of 8 children that we know about. We knew very little about the descendants of Lucy until we made contact with Chris Smith from California. She was so very gracious and provided us with information that opened doors of opportunity in every direction.

†† Her familyís line of ancestry came from a son of Lucy Ariail by the name of Albert Dunham who was born in Southington, Connecticut on Aug 20, 1804 and died in Curriluck County, North Carolina on Oct 31, 1845. What was he doing in North Carolina? We donít know but we can make an educated guess.

†† John Harvey Ariail, his uncle, had earlier relocated from Connecticut to Pickensville, S.C. and was owner of about 1,100 acres of land. In addition to this, John had owned a tavern and was in the mercantile business. It is my guess that Albert Dunham was either on a trip to visit his relatives, or was bringing supplies down to be sold in John Ariailís store. Although John Harvey Ariail, Sr., had already died in 1836, it is without doubt that some of his children were still operating the business John had started.

†† In 1856, most of Albert Dunhamís family moved to Faribault, Minnesota. Albertís son, Samuel Cowles Dunham was a lumberman and farmer and became police chief of the town to which he moved. Later in 1873 he was a Representative in the Legislature.

†† Albert Dunham fathered 7 children that we know about. The last son was named Phineas Leonard Dunham, grandson of Lucy Ariail, and I am about to relate to you one of the most incredible stories that I have ever heard.

†† William Harrison Ariail, son of John Harvey Ariail, Sr., moved from South Carolina to Georgia. He also fathered 7 children, 6 sons and 1 daughter. Five of his sons fought in the Civil War and three did not survive. One son was named John Milton Ariail.

†† John Milton Ariail was fighting for the Confederacy and Lucyís grandson Phineas Leonard Dunham was fighting for the Union Army. Both were in the battle at Gettysburg, Pa. John Milton Ariail was wounded in the arm on July 2, 1863 and Phineas Leonard Dunham, his 2nd cousin, was also wounded in battle that day and died on Jul 17, 1863. In addition to this, several of the grandsons of Michel Ariail, youngest son of John Ariail from his marriage in Canada, fought in the Civil War with the Union Forces.

†† Lest we not fully grasp the consequences of that horrible conflict known as the Civil War, let me relate to you the service of three families Ė two from the north and one from the south. All these young men were 2nd cousins. First: Phineas L. Dunham, Union Forces, 1st Minnesota Infantry, grandson of Lucy Ariail and husband Samuel Dunham. Second: William W. Arial, Union Forces, Company F, 118th Infantry Regiment, New York, Michel Arial, Union Forces, Company C, 22nd Infantry Regiment, New York, Eli Arial, Union Forces, Company C, 10th Infantry Regiment, New York, Henry Arial, Union Force, L. 2, Massachusetts Infantry, and Isaac Arial, Union Forces, 67th A 37 Massachusetts Infantry. These were all sons of Michel Arial and Louise Lemieux. Third: John Milton Ariail, Confederate Forces, Company A, 2nd Infantry Regiment, Georgia and Samuel Albert Ariail, Confederate Forces, Company A, 2nd Infantry Regiment, Georgia and Company A, 24th Infantry Regiment, Georgia, William Ira Ariail, Confederate Forces, Company B. 15th Georgia Infantry, Lemuel Lawrence Ariail, Confederate Forces, Georgia (died from measles) and Andrew Daniel Ariail, Confederate Forces, Company B. 29th Georgia Infantry, (Captured and POW in Kentucky). These were the sons of William Harrison Ariail and Mary Adelaide Barr.

†† Let us recap: Albert Dunham had 3 sons, 1 died in war. William Harrison Ariail had 6 sons, 5 served and 3 died in war. Michel Arial had 8 sons, 5 to date are known to have served in the Civil War. For those who attend the reunion, a poem that I co-authored about our boys in the Civil War is posted on the board with the information about Lucy Ariailís family. You must read because it is compelling.

†† Several other family members served and died in the war, but limited space does not allow me to list all of them at this time. Perhaps another year we can feature those other members who gave so much.

†† Samuel Cowles Dunham had a son named Charles Henry Dunham. He was born on Jun 26, 1850 and went to Minnesota along with his family and his grandmother Sylvia Cowles. We have this entire family featured on a poster board at the reunion along with a picture of Charles Henry Dunham and many of his descendants. It is certainly hope that some of the descendants of Lucy Ariail and their families will attend the reunion this year.

†† The next amazing discovery during the year was that of obtaining a picture of Manna Rich Ariail. Manna was the son of Luke Ariail from Connecticut and the grandson of John Ariail and Hannnah Rich. He was born Nov 14, 1820 and went to Louisiana to make his fortunes. He was a very wealthy man and his tomb in New Orleans is the object of one of our ongoing cemetery projects. He died May 5, 1865.

†† Manna Rich Ariail had 10 brothers and sisters that we are aware of that were all born in either Connecticut or Massachusetts. Some died young, but they were literally all over the place. His brother John Prentice Ariail lived in Franklin, Louisiana, died and is buried there. His brother Julius Deming Ariail worked with Manna Rich Ariail in the brick industry in Alexandria, Louisiana, but eventually owned a steam saw mill in Trenton, Louisiana. He died Apr 17, 1855 and is buried in the Logtown Cemetery, in Monroe, Louisiana. His uncle, Manna Rich Ariail was quite wealthy and lived and died in St. Martinsville, Louisiana. His sister, Lucy Emeline Ariail lived and died in New Iberville, Louisiana on Aug 8, 1834. His sister Sabra Maty Ariail was in Louisiana in the 1830ís but eventually went back to Massachusetts.

†† Manna Rich Ariail was an attorney, member of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention, ran a brick business, was involved in the lumber business and a steamship company on the Red River. He owned the Ice House Hotel, which was operated by his father-in-law Lt. Joseph Fellows and his wife Catherine Bellamy. The hotel was valued at $100,000.00 in the 1850ís, so you can see just how wealthy Manna Rich Ariail became during his short lifetime.

†† But the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Maj. Manna Rich Ariail lost most of his fortunes because of fires and the Civil War. A letter in Manna Rich Ariailsí journal talks about some of these fires.

†† The Ariail Family Reunion Association is now in possession of one of the most important documents in existence in the family, other than the family bible. Itís a handwritten journal, approximately 200 pages in length, belonging to Manna Rich Ariail. It contains many letters to different people Manna Rich Ariail had business dealing with, not only in Louisiana but throughout the early United States. But most importantly it contains several letters to his sister, Delia Ariail, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and to his sister, Sabra Maty Ariail, while in Louisiana and also in Massachusetts.

†† This is what I would call onionskin paper and so fragile that it almost falls apart at touch. It is being carefully separated and put in document protectors. These are being inserted into three-ring binders and will be on display at the Ariail Reunion for the most careful of examinations by those attending. Then they will be placed with the Ariail Family Bible for future generations to be able to view. I am sure that all members of the Ariail family will be eternally grateful to those who donated this material to the family reunion association for preservation. We certainly hope these family members will attend the reunion this year so that everyone can meet and thank them for their contributions.

†† Some have speculated that the family never knew what happened to other members of the family because of their diverse locations, however, that is simply not true. Manna Rich Ariailís journal puts all that to rest. In his journal he talks about his relatives in South Carolina, writes to his sisters in Massachusetts and talks about when they will visit each other. His sister Sabra Maty Ariail goes throughout Georgia and South Carolina gathering signatures from the descendants of John Harvey Ariail, Sr., so the will of his uncle Manna Rich Ariail can be probated. Manna Rich Ariailís son, Manna Goodwin Ariail was born in Alexandria, Louisiana on Nov 13, 1847, but died in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on Jun 21, 1856. Sabra Maty Ariail is in Louisiana buying slaves previously owned by Uncle Manna Rich Ariail and we find Albert Dunham, son of Lucy Ariail, being in North Carolina when he died.

†† Even more amazing is the fact that we now have pictures of Manna Rich Ariail (from Connecticut), Climelia Abigail Ariail (from South Carolina) and Joseph Ariail (from Canada). They are all first cousins, two of them born in 1813 and one in 1820. All these pictures will be on display at the reunion with the family of Joseph Ariail featured on a poster board, the family of Manna Rich Ariail featured on poster board and pictures of Climelia Abigail Ariail and her husband Lemuel Greenlee Hamilton on display. At the present time we are also attempting to locate pictures of Michel Arial (from Canada) and William Harrison Ariail (from Georgia). These two individual were also born in the very early 1800ís.

†† Also the family of Michel Arial (from Canada) who is half-brother of John Harvey Ariail, Sr., from South Carolina will be featured on poster boards. We have been in contact with Gwen Oryall, a descendant of Michel Arial, and she plans to attend the reunion this year along with some members of her family. This will be a great honor and everyone should make every effort possible to come and be with us so we can meet, fellowship with and welcome them into the family circle.

†† If you will recall, about 3 years ago, an elderly lady from South Carolina, descended from the family of Michel Arial attended the reunion. I asked her to relate to us what she knew about the early Arial family and this is what she said to the best of my recollection: ďThere were 4 boys, they all came down the river (probably the St. Lawrence River), 3 stayed and 1 went back and died on the wayĒ.

†† Well, that put my head in a spin. I was certain that John Ariail was the only one who came from France to North America. I didnít know what to think, but now, with much more data, I know what she was talking about. She was not referring to John Ariail, she was talking about John Ariailís grandchildren. They were the sons of Michel Arial namely: Jean Baptiste Lawrence Arial, and wife Anna Bosivert, Joseph Arial and his wife Emerence Nolin, and Michel Arial and his wife Louise Lemieux. The one who went back and died may have been named Pierre. Michel Arial also had a daughter named Caroline Arial who married Antoine Monda and lived in New York and Vermont. Other children have not been identified as yet.

†† Lorraine and I plan on making another trip to the northeast this summer. We will probably go in May. During this trip, we plan on stopping in Manassas, Virginia to visit Aunt Ruth Ariail who will be 98 years and 10 days old when the reunion takes place. She is a wonderful lady and calls my wife almost every day. On the way north we plan on stopping at the Confederate Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia and attempt to locate the grave of Harvey Orlando Ariail. After leaving Manassas, we will go to Gettysburg, Pa., and look for the grave of Phineas Dunham, From there we will go to Connecticut and look through some files at the State Archives in Hartford for members of Lucy Ariailís family and perhaps meet a distant cousin by the name of Janet Nelson.

†† After attending a wedding in Maine, we will again vacation in New Hampshire and Vermont doing a little research and visiting cousins in that area.

†† Space is short and I must close for this year. We encourage all, who possibly can, to attend the reunion this year. We are losing family members each year that we will never be able to see again. As I say every year Ė come sup with us and we will sup with you Ė our lives will be much richer for the family experience.

†† My wife and I have an extra bedroom and will be happy to host someone coming from far away. You will have to let us know soon and if we still have the room, we will provide you shelter while here. Our phone # is 706 886 5669.

†† I am out of space and must close. If you have any questions, please call me. We do hope to see you at the reunion this year. May God bless each of you richly until we meet again.


James W. Patterson, Historian

Son of Lillie Blanche Ariail.