2009 Cemetery Historical Report


   Again this year, we did not upgrade any of the cemetery plots of the family; however, the Family Reunion President, Mr. Keith Ariail, wants us to keep the program alive. During the reunion, it was decided to put coping and chipped stone on the graves of John Harvey Ariail and his wife Chloe Clemilia Ives Ariail in the ancient cemetery in Slabtown, South Carolina. We will also include in the family plot a vacant space where it is believed their infant daughter, Eliza Ariail, is buried.

   As you will recall, the first grave work done under this project was the placing of a beautiful stone on their graves which was only marked with field stones until that time. Because of the money involved, we had not finished the project until this time.

   It is estimated that the cost of the project will be approximately $1,500.00. Should any money be left in the account, a decision was made to put new chipped stone on the graves of James Claude Ariail and his wife Vastie Bellamy Ariail in the Nails Creek Cemetery. As you will remember, the original annual birthday party, which started approximately 70 years ago for Claude, eventually became to annual Ariail Reunion.

   Again, we will not recommend any new projects for the coming year, but will defer any recommendations to the Reunion President and the people at the Reunion. This will most probably be based on whatever monies are available to work with at that time. The status of the funds at this time are as follows:

   Carry over from 2009                                                           857.62

   Private contributions                        0000.00

   Donation from Reunion    379.00


   Sub-Total                        1236.62

   Overage in Checking Account             200.00


   Total:                        1436.62

   While we were balancing the account for the Cemetery Fund this year, we realized a discrepancy of $200.00 in our favor in the account. We checked with the bank and they affirmed that their figures were correct. We then went through all the checks and balances we had kept at home and eventually realized that the mistake occurred in the donation we had earlier made to the Ariail Cemetery in Easley, South Carolina.

   We do know that we sent the $200.00 to Phyllis Harrison. She then forwarded it to someone who handled the funds for the Ariail Cemetery. Apparently they never cashed the check. We will leave it to the Reunion, when we make our report in 2010, to determine what to do with the $200.00 in question.

   We have lost some very dear member of our family during the past year, some I knew and some I had not yet met. I will list them below so everyone will know who they are.

   LtCol. Doyce W. Ariail, Jr., Reunion President                        Apr 5, 2009

   Cauthen Clyde Ariail, Jr.                                                Apr 6, 2009

   Earle Davies Ariail, Sr.                                 Jul 17, 2009

   Elise Inez Ariail                                        May 20, 2009

   James Dallas Ariail                                        Sep 2009

   Jesse Thomas Ariail, Jr.                                  Jul 10, 2009

   Nancy Elaine Ariail                                        Feb 5, 2009

   Robert Elbert Hester, s/o Virginia Ariail                           Oct 20, 2009

   Mildred Grace Kuykendall, w/o James Ariail, Sr.                        Sep 22, 2009

   Randall Ariail Lesley, s/o Louis Harvey Lesley                        Jun 2, 2009

   John Trenton Patterson, s/o Lillie Blanche Ariail                        Mar 14, 2009

   There are probably many more that I do now know about, but the above are too many. John Trenton Patterson was my brother and had probably attended the Family Reunion more than most others. He was also and member of the Ariail Reunion Cemetery Committee and a great supporter of the project. We will miss both him and our lifetime president, LtCol. Doyce Ariail so very much.

   Again, we wish to thank those who have gave of their money and helped with this project over the past several years. We will continue to improve our family cemeteries as long as we receive the support to do so. I try to tell everyone I can about what we are doing through the generosity of our family, and I know of several people who have started such a project to upgrade the plots of their family members.

   If anyone would like to see the records we have of this project, please contact our Reunion President, Keith Ariail, and we will be happy to make arrangement to let you see the records.

   We hope to see you all at the reunion this year and may God bless you all. Any private contributions to the cemetery fund should be forwarded to Betty Jean Jackson, Secretary of the Reunion Association.

Cemetery Committee: James W. Patterson, Chairman, Lorraine Patterson, Secretary, Kieth Ariail, member.


2009 Historical report


   Each year, Lorraine and I attempt to do some more family research on our vacation trips. This year we went to Maine to see some family members. On the way, we stopped by Upper Darby, Pa., to visit some friends we had met in Austria. There we hoped to find something about the family of Alexander Hamilton and wife Mary Elizabeth Hinton. Mary is the granddaughter of Elizabeth Climelia Ariail of  South Carolina. Due to the tight schedule, we were unable to find anything on this trip. Other efforts will be made to document this arm of the family at a later date.

   From there we went to Niagara Falls, Canada and spent a night overlooking the beautiful Canadian side of the falls. The next day we headed across the mountains of New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. On the way, we wanted to stop by Brownville, New York (very close to Lake Erie and Canada) to see if we could find the grave plot of Annie Augusta Rosina Seymour and her husband George Alexander Clarke II. Annie was the granddaughter of Lucy Ariail and Samuel Dunham from Southington, Conn.

   We not only found their grave plots, but have determined that they were probably a distinguished family within their community by the size of their grave marker. It is believed that Alexander Clarke was an industrialist in the business of manufacturing broadcloth. We saw some old mills along the stream, which goes through the town, but were unable to determine if they had earlier belonged to Mr. Clarke. We have now, however, documented at least 7 children from the family, some of which are buried in the family plot in Brownville Cemetery.

   The known vitals of this family are:

   George Alexander Clarke II, b. 1798 Canada, d. 1 Sep 1870 Brownville, New York

   Annie Augusta Rosina Seymour, b. 4 May 1835 Massachusetts, d. 24 Oct 1914, Brownville, New York

   Married: 11 Aug 1851 in Dubuque, Iowa.

1.      Ella Wilhelmina Clarke, b. Sep 1852, unknown, d. 20 Jul 1862, Brownville, New York.

2.       Marcus Augustus Clarke, b. Mar 1854, unknown, d. 22 Jul 1862, Brownville, New York.

3.      Wallie S. Clarke, b. abt 1858, Indiana.

4.      Sidney Alexis Clarke, b. 1863, d. 1912, Brownville, New York.

5.      Lenna Gertrude Clarke, b. 22 Nov 1865, Brownville, New York, d. 2 Feb 1939 Dalton, Georgia.

6.      Donald S. Clarke, b. 23 Nov 1868, Brownville, New York, d. 22 Jan 1951 San Diego, Calif.

7.      Morton S. Clarke, b. May 1869, Canada, married: Bertha.

Note 1: In 1859 Augusta Seymour and her mother were living in Dubuque Iowa District 7. No other family members listed in census. Augusta was listed as being born in Massachusetts and Sarah was listed as being born in Connecticut.

Note 2: NYGENWEB “Clarke, A. Augusta”: Clarke, A. Augusta, widow of George, owns 10 Acres, h Main.

Note 3:  In 1920, Lenna Gertrude (Clarke) Judd was living in Dalton, Georgia with her son Morton H. Judd, age 32 and single. Lenna was a widow. Lenna Gertrude Clarke and her husband Morton Judd are both descended from Lucy Ariail and Samuel Dunham from Connecticut. They were 2nd cousins. After their marriage, they moved to Dalton, Georgia with their son Morton Judd. The Judd family was also very distinguished, being the owners of the Judd manufacturing complex with factories in Wallingford, Conn, Brooklyn, N.Y. and Chattanooga, Tn. Lenna was basically known as the ‘lady’ of Dalton, She having contributed greatly to the building of the hospital, being a member of the Garden Clubs of Georgia, and probably a member of the board of Regents for the University of Georgia. It is said that she traveled the world and designed the gardens for the University in China. Her approximately 20-room home still stands in Dalton, with its Oriental gardens and carriage house. A plaque in her memory was place at the Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia.

Note 4: The Atlanta Constitution, Feb 7, 1926 – Mrs. Morton Ellis Judd, of Dalton, Ga., announces the engagement of her ward, Miss Frances Trevitt Jack, to William Henry Biggers, of Great Bend, Kas., formerly of Rome, Ga., the marriage to be solemnized at the home of Mrs. Judd, “Oneonia,” in the late spring, the date to be announced later. (Mrs. Judd named her home “Oneonia” after a beautiful place in the mountains of New York State.)

Note 5: In 1920, Donald S. Clarke, lived in Los Angeles, California. Was single. In 1930, Lived in Portland, Oregon and still single. In 1910, lived in San Francisco. Vitals taken from the U.S. Veterans Cemeteries, ca. 1800-2004. Need further confirmation to be absolutely sure that we have correct person, however, Donald S. Clarke had lived in California and Oregon for over 50 years before death. There were about 15 days between death and burial, which indicates some problem at some level. He may have died out of State as his death does not show up in the California Death Indexes.

Note 6: Morton S. Clarke. In 1900 Morton Clarke was found living in Brooklyn Ward 25, Kings, New York. Morton was a salesman in a clothing store in 1910 and still in Brooklyn, New York. In 1920, Morton Clarke was still in Brooklyn New York and still salesman in clothing store.

   As you can see from the above, it is difficult to follow what happened to some of these families because they not only moved all over North America, but traveled all over the world.

   Next we will attempt to explain some of the research we have done with the ancient French Catholic Church records. These records can be accessed at www.culture.cg44.fr and www.archives49.fr.

   We believe we have finally found what is the oldest records of the family that exists in France. There are still a couple of marriage records that are needed to prove what we think, but the evidence is overwhelming. The name Herve Ariail is the key to the whole mystery. And there was only one Ariail family that ever named any of their family by that name and we are still doing it today by seeing the name Harvey Ariail in some of the family members. We, so far, have documented literally thousands of descendants of the Ariail family in France. So here goes the documentation that I have after looking at millions of records and still searching for the clues that we need for have absolute proof.

   Jean Ariail, b. late 1500’s in France.

   Wife: Francoise Brunier


1.      Francois Ariail, bap. 19 Nov 1619, Chapelle-Heulin (La)-Saint-Eutrope, France, d. 27 Feb 1687 St. Martin, Mouzillon Village, Nantes, Bretagne, France.

      Birth documentation: Chapelle-Heulin (La) - Saint-Eutrope - 1614-1629 B - Mairie - Vue 44.

   Death Documentation: Registres paroissiaux et d'etat civil - Mouzillon - Saint-Martin - 1687 BMS - 3E108/1 - Vue 6 - Collection departementale.

    Wife: Mathurine Cornu, d. 22 May 1692, St. Martin, Mouzillon Village, Nantes, Bretagne, France.

   Note. This is a genuine French Huguenot refugee surname, although its origins go back into French history. It derives from the pre 12th Old French “Cornier” a word which describes a trumpeter or herald, and a position of considerable importance. The coat of arms is almost unique, and probably the second most distinguished in history. It is no less than the blue cross on a white field, and as such is second only to the red cross of the crusaders, on the same background.

2.       Jean Ariail, bap. 25 Sep 1622, Chapelle-Heulin (La) Saint-Eutrope.

           Birth documentation: Chapelle-Heulin (La) - Saint-Eutrope - 1614-1629 B - Mairie - Vue 72.

3.       Francoise Ariail, bap. 6 Jul 1625, Chapelle-Heulin (La) Saint-Eutrope.

            Birth documentation: Chapelle-Heulin (La) - Saint-Eutrope - 1614-1629 B - Mairie - Vue 95.

4.       Herve Ariail, bap. 22 Aug 1626, Chapelle-Heulin (La)-Saint-Eutrope.

       Birth documentation: Chapelle-Heulin (La) - Saint-Eutrope - 1629-1644 B - Mairie - Vue 108. You will note that this is the first mention of Herve Ariail, but you will see that Francois Ariail, the brother of this Herve Ariail, named a son Herve Ariail and then our ancient grandfather, Mathieu Ariail, the brother of Herve Ariail, named a son Herve Ariail. As I stated earlier, the evidence is overwhelming that we are correct in our assumptions and if records can be found, it will probably verify our assumptions.  Herve Ariail, the son of Mathieu Ariail, had a brother by the name of Charles Ariail, who was the father of John Ariail, our ancestor from Canada and Connecticut. Then John Ariail named his first son born in the U.S. by the name of John Harvey Ariail.

5.       Pierre Ariail, bap. 6 Dec 1629, Chapelle-Heulin (La)-Saint-Eutrope.

           Birth documentation: Chapelle-Heulin (La) - Saint-Eutrope - 1629-1644 B - Mairie - Vue 10. The godfather of this child is Pierre Ariail, therefore, the father probably had a brother named Pierre Ariail.

   You will need to look at the 2008 Historical report for further information of the descendants of Francois Ariail and Mathurine Cornu.

   We are still looking for records and hope to get some better documentation. There is a Martin Ariail, born somewhere around 1550-1560 who might be the father of Jean Ariail that is in our line of ancestors, but we just don’t have to records yet to prove which way it goes. We have a lot of records about the Ariail family who could be his descendants, but again, we need more records if we can find them.

   We ask that you all spread the word about the Ariail Web Site so we can keep you informed about what is happening each year in our research efforts and in the Family Reunion projects. It would be so nice to see some of you at the reunion this year. May God bless you all richly in your daily lives.


James Patterson


Son of Lillie Blanche Ariail

e-mail: colonel2@windstream.net .